Kalerm K1601 Pro Coffee Beverage Dispenser

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Kalerm 1601 Pro
Automatic Coffee Machine

Made in PRC
Screen: Easy Selection Buton
Version: Coffee Bean
Milk Unit: Fresh Milk

Coffee Bean Hopper: 1 (750 gr)
Boiler: 1 (Single Boiler)Large capacity of bean container, coffee cake container and waste water tray
One touch Cappuccino / Coffee Latte/ Espresso/Long coffee beverage
Patented brew unit system with auto-clean function
Built-in milk frother unit with auto-clean function
Intelligent PCBA control system with fault warning and information reminding function
Auto fill-in water system with hose to connect water barrel
35 pcs large capacity coffee cake container
2L large capacity waste water tray
Tank capacity 1,8 Lt
Dimensions: 302 x 450 x 525 (H) mm
Weight: 17 Kg
Power: 1400 W; 220-240V - 50 Hz

Havale / EFT ile SEPETTE (%2.5) İNDİRİM :54,691.22 TL (KDV Dahil)

Bank installment options:

 Bonus, World, Paraf vd. 

Taksit tutarıTotal
Peşin-56,093.56 TL

 İş Bankası - Maximum 

Taksit tutarıTotal
Peşin-56,093.56 TL

 İş Bankası - Maximum 

Taksit tutarıTotal
Peşin-56,093.56 TL
229,645.44 TL59,290.89 TL
320,100.19 TL60,300.57 TL
97,416.81 TL66,751.33 TL

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